National Officers

President   Rose Martin Tel: 630-305-3146
Vice President   vacant
Secretary   John Callaway Cell: 580-564-6939
Treasurer    Lynn Hatch
Cell: 732-236-8114


If you would like to assist on any of the following committees , please contact Rose Martin.

AISES Regions Contact John Callaway Cell: 580-564-6939
Charter & By-Laws Rose Rita Martin Tel:  630-305-3146
Conference Planning John Callaway Cell: 580-564-6939
Membership Lynn Hatch Cell: 732-236-8114

LUNA National Chapters

Wild Onion Council
(Naperville, IL)
Rose Rita Martin Tel: (630) 305-3146
Members At Large Lynn Hatch Tel: (732) 236- 8114

Membership is open to all Nokia employees and associates who support our mission and goals.

For Membership Application – Click here