As children of Mother Earth, we honor, love and respect her,
we know all of her children as brothers and sisters,
and shall respect them as such.
Our conduct shall be honorable to the Native American people,
our ancestors, Mother Earth, and the Great Spirit, our Creator.
“Mita Kuye Oyasin”
(We Are One)

Mission Statement

  • To establish a Native American Organization open to all employees committed to the career advancement, cultural development, education, understanding and the general well-being of all employees.
  • We are committed to develop our Native American resources as employees, business partners and customers.
  • To support Nokia in leveraging diversity as a competitive advantage.
  • To support the corporation in developing people and using the rich tapestry of diversity in achieving global business results.


  • To become directly involved in civic, educational and cultural programs to enhance both the Native American communities and the image of Nokia.
  • To promote a climate that stimulates positive multi-cultural relations conducive to achieving corporate and individual goals.
  • To establish a strong national network for the purpose of sharing information and participating in community activities in support of the mission and values of Nokia.
  • To provide a forum for exchange of information, concerns, ideas, experiences, resources and questions.
  • To sponsor professional development conferences and workshops to further the knowledge and advancement of employee and retirees.
  • To support, encourage and partner with other Employee Business Partners in the development and implementation of common goals.